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Well, it has to be said, I must be the worst blogger in the history of blogging! It’s 4 years since my last blog post and I’m mortified to realise that fact. Luckily people don’t hire me to write blog posts (though I’m much better at writing copy for other people than blogs for myself…), most people hire me to build them a web presence and that’s what I love to do. Yes, I’m one of those lucky people who actually love what they do – I really love seeing code take shape on a page that started as a blank screen and ends up as line after line of multicoloured code that I made all by myself (sometimes, though I owe a lot, as most coders do, to all the amazing people that post their code on git/stackoverflow and numerous other great websites I rely on daily). I love seeing how lines of code can create something beautiful on the screen, and how I can change so much of it with just one small change. I also love being freelance – I love meeting new people from totally different walks of life and professions and hearing about their skills and aspirations, and working out how to put that into a website that expresses who they or their company are/is. As meeting clients is a very small part of my work I do however miss the regular interaction with others, being part of a team and just talking to people – my dog is a good stand in but I do prefer people who talk back!

So, who knows what the future holds, but while I’m still a freelancer I would ask, please don’t judge me by my terrible blogging – look at my websites – and look out for my up and coming app – now that’s something I will blog about as soon as it’s ready to launch!


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