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Well, wordpress has never been my favourite platform I have to confess. I’m a fan of good old html and css and wordpress has always seemed to be a bit of a DIY tool to me – too many templates and not enough chance to customise.

But…I’ve just finished the latest of my training courses “bootstrap to wp” on treehouse (training website teamtreehouse.com) and I’ve also successfully designed a template that makes my blog look just like the rest of my website, and I’m beginning to see the attraction! WordPress is such a good Content Management System – it can’t be denied, (in other words it gives website owners an easy way to edit text on their websites without bothering – and paying – their web designers) and despite my best efforts, I just haven’t found anything that works as well for CMS. So discovering, slowly and painstakingly, how to design my own wordpress templates feels like a real achievement!

I guess I will no longer be steering clients away from one of the most popular platforms out there…and I’m quite looking forward to my first major website entirely in wordpress – as long as I don’t have to use one of their templates…


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