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Well, a year and several sets of chewed nails, 2am finishes and crises of confidence later I am finally ready to launch the website for my own web development company.  It’s the first website I wrote entirely in Sublime 2 (a code writing application) instead of using Dreamweaver, the well-known WYSIWYG web design application and my right hand tool for the few years I’ve been designing websites for family and friends.  And I’ve recently discovered I love to code.

Nothing too strange about that you might think, but I’m not a teenage geek, raised with code on my school curriculum.  I’m not a whizz kid computer science student just starting out on my career.  I’m a fifty-something mum and grandma, and until a few years ago I made my career as an Arts Consultant and Manager, running festivals and events, advising Arts Organisations and DJing & dancing salsa.  In fact I think I might be the least likely coder on the block!

And it hasn’t been easy.  Code really is another language – actually it’s many languages and I certainly haven’t mastered all, or even many of them.  In fact I’m still struggling with Javascript and Ruby, but I’m getting there.  And for the first time in the year or so I’ve been studying (part time while caring for my 3 year old grandson) I’ve started to realise that I’m really enjoying making a website using HTML5 and CSS3 in particular, and Javascript too.

I’m starting to see that the code I’m writing has it’s own pattern and contour.  Not only can I see the website taking shape through the code, but the code is creative in

itself.  I love the way that it is organised on the page, indented and spaced so that it forms a rhythm that changes and moves as it develops.  It’s almost like writing a song sometimes – like crafting the verses and the choruses and the breaks.  And when I look at the overview pane of Sublime, with the characters so small that all you can see are the blocks of code and the spaces and indentations, I love the seeing the unique shape and flow of the code – like an abstract print.

Maybe it’s too many late nights…or maybe I’m seeing beauty and creativity in code because I couldn’t spend my life doing something that is so removed from my earlier passions of art and culture.  But I don’t think so – I think that code does have it’s own aesthetic.  I think I can ‘draw’ a website using it rather than just ‘code’ that website.  And with that realisation comes a new passion. I find that when I sit at my computer to write the world disappears and I’m absorbed completely by what is taking shape on my screen.

I love writing code!


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